HOPE Project at CANNEXUS 2016

The Hope Research Project has been live now for a few weeks and we are happy to report that our participants are actively going through both f2f and online interventions. Tannis and Norm were excited to share some details about the project at Cannexus this year to a full room of about 150 attendees!

Attendees demonstrated great interest in how the Hope Interventions could be utilized across the career development sector as readiness activities to help Clients prepare for reflection and taking action.

Norm demonstrated the Circle of Strengths intervention in a f2f setting and the process for online delivery was reviewed with real exchanges between Facilitator and a Client. It was really interesting to see a number of ah-ha moments when people could see the power of written reflection.

Norm and Tannis also discussed Walking the Problem as an intervention and the challenges faced with interpreting the activity in an online format. They shared a video part of the online intervention and many people indicated that they could see how the video evoked similar feelings and inspiration as the f2f delivery.

They could feel the enthusiasm for this research project and can tell that people are watching to see how it unfolds and what can be learned and integrated into services across varied contexts.