Our primary goal for the Hope Centred Career Interventions Research Project is to develop a range of counselling intervention methods and tools that can be used by a career practitioner when engaging a client in face-to-face or online delivery. These counselling interventions will be implemented with unemployed Job Seeking Adults accessing public employment services in Canada.  This particular target group is represented in employment centres across Canada.  These centres and the Practitioners in them are charged with providing a range of services from counselling, educating, and training in a variety of modes – face-to-face and online. This research project aims to provide new insight into ways Practitioners can positively impact a client’s outcome by focusing on specific counselling interventions to increase hope.


  1. To develop a baseline of hope for study participants.
  2. To develop early counselling interventions in a range of modes of delivery (online and face to face) which utilize hope as a central factor and can be implemented in public employment centres.
  3. To evaluate the effectiveness of hope centred interventions when used with unemployed adults accessing a public employment centre.
  4. To understand the impact and differences of face to face and online delivery channels for hope-centred intervention outcomes.
  5. To understand factors that may enhance or decrease the effectiveness of hope centred interventions.
  6. To understand the experience of Practitioners using interventions in both face to face and online delivery.

 Delivery of Interventions

Hope Centred Career Interventions will be delivered in individual in-person sessions with a trained Career Practitioner for a randomly selected ½ of the Participants.  The number of sessions and interventions will be determined on a case by case basis as determined by the HCCI and Practitioner assessment. The other ½ of Participants will engage in an online version of the Hope Centred Career Interventions.  These online interventions will utilize video conferencing and eVolve Learning Technology as a counselling platform to support online communication between the Participant and the Practitioner.